Drum Major Essentials

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After taking this course, you will know how to be a drum major for a high school marching band or drum corps. We teach conducting technique, conducting patterns, field timing, and give you an inside look at what it's like to be a drum major.


For Students:

  • Learn conducting fundamentals that apply to any style
  • Learn how to conduct in one of the most common and versatile conducting styles
  • Learn how to develop your conducting style as a beginner or advanced conductor
  • Learn how to keep an ensemble in time from the first hand experience of our instructors
  • Learn how to effectively work with your drum major team
  • Learn critical metronome skills

For Educators:

  • Drum major recruiting. Point students to this course to peak their interest in becoming drum majors in your program
  • Drum major training. Use this course as a formal training for your new drum majors or drum major candidates
  • Borrow our curriculum! Use our lessons as asynchronous teaching tools



  • Basic Posture
  • Hand Shape
  • Projecting Confidence


  • Travel
  • The Paint Brush Exercise
  • Ictus Placement
  • The Table Top Exercise
  • Flick


  • Arrow Pattern
  • Cut Time Pattern
  • Complex Meters
  • Slow Tempos

Gestures & Style

  • Cut Offs
  • Cues
  • Dynamics
  • Beginner Style Development
  • Advanced Style Development

Field Timing

  • Understanding Sound on the Field
  • Head Conductor Responsibilities
  • Backfield Conductor Responsibilities

Field Conductor Team

  • Conductor Roles
  • Conductor Staging
  • Team Warm Up
  • Matching


  • DB90
  • Tonal Energy